Julien Brunet's gemstone skulls - Trivia!

 31 Oct 2012 

On display until November 30, the young French artist known for the reconstruction of lines and colors, is showing his highly visual 3D computer art of chiseled precious stone skulls at the Boutique 16ème Sud in Paris.
When we saw Julien Brunet's Gemmologie collection, currently on display at the Boutique 16ème Sud on the rue Saint-Roch in Paris, we could easily imagine the young French artist hard at work in his shop surrounded by envious treasures like deep green emeralds, sparkling diamonds, red rubies and other scattered gems.

And to our surprise, this is where Julien Brunet's optical illusion plays with the senses, as the beauty behind his collection lies not in the carat weight of his stones, but in the collection's true medium: a broad palette of digital pixels. With an attentive eye, steadfast perseverance and advanced digital research, the artist created these three-dimensional skull images from a luminous game of digital media, recreating an uncanny resemblance to the sharp, carved edges of precious gems, without ever holding one in the palm of his hand.

Even if the tangible emerald head exists only within the mind of Julien Brunet, he nevertheless used all of his creative power in the merging of digital space and reality for a truly exceptional and unique collection of contemporary pieces.

An absolute must-see visual experience, the collection will be on display until November 30 in the French capital's first district, or on the artist's website at

Anne-Sophie Mallard. Translated by Genevieve Hartmann.

Source: vogue.fr

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